Developing world-class coaches

We offer a range of learning opportunities to help coaches gain confidence in psychodynamic systemic coaching and deepen their impact.

We pioneered the development of leadership, team and group coaching, and continue to advance the field through learning and development programmes as well as supervision for practitioners.

Professional Development

Tools Training for Coaches

Further Learning

Professional Development

Group Coaching Practicum

Our Group Coaching Practicum is one of our signature professional development programmes. The course dives into the psychodynamic-systemic approach and enables experienced coaches and senior team leaders to develop their skills in creating safe spaces for courageous self-analysis and leadership development.

This transformational and highly practical 10-day programme is paced over nine months, and combines theory, technique, and supervision while enabling participants to develop their own style as a coach.

Delivered entirely online, the course brings together professionals from across the globe, providing a safe space to not only learn and sharpen understanding of the transformative impact of psychodynamic-systemic group coaching, but also to live it – working together to experience the tipping points required for transformative change.

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Our team are on hand to discuss the course with you in more detail, helping you decide if it’s the right programme for you.

Next Cohort:

Online | Commences September 2024

Visit the Group Coaching Practicum page for more information

Professional Development

Family business advisor masterclass

In our family business advisor masterclass, we introduce the essential skills, attitudes and approaches required to support business families in transition.

Delivered entirely online, the course brings together professionals wanting to utilise practical guidance alongside case study exploration to gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of family businesses, and the role of a coach in supporting these families.

This transformational course is delivered in collaboration with Professor Christine Blondel, Adjunct Professor of Family Business at INSEAD, who has over 20 years’ experience in the family business field, with exposure to hundreds of cases through her teaching, writing, and advising.

The course is designed for senior coaches, consultants, mediators and advisers who wish to develop a deep understanding of coaching within a family business while building their credibility, developing their practice, and expanding their network.

More information:

Our team are on hand to discuss the masterclass with you in more detail, helping you decide if it’s the right programme for you.

Next Cohort:

Online | Commences November 2024

Visit the Family Business Advisor Masterclass page for more information

Tools training for coaches

Deep organisational understanding

Our world-leading diagnostic tools have been used by coaches, leaders and organisations across the globe to inform transformative development journeys. Our tools offer insights into individuals, teams and organisations, enabling exploration of both a leader’s inner drivers and the wider context of organisational life in all its complexity.

Join our training and certification programmes to deep dive into a tool, learn how to design it into your practice, and join a global community of coaches using our tools to deepen their impact.

Tools training for coaches

Utilising the GELM | Global Executive Leadership Mirror

The GELM is the result of an ongoing decade-long research project at INSEAD’s Global Leadership Centre, investigating the behaviour patterns of effective global executives.

Our training is designed for talent and leadership development professionals, executive coaches and consultants, and aims to build confidence in using the 360° feedback tool, gaining hands-on experience in drawing out actionable insights from GELM reports to unlock clients’ leadership potential.

We can offer training on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small group, enabling you to connect with other certified practitioners to share, learn and become part of a like-minded community.

In addition to the training, we also offer a certification which builds on the training and involves using the GELM with a client and writing a reflection paper on the experience and impact.

Tools training for coaches

Utilising the OCA | Organisational Culture Audit

The Organisational Culture Audit finds the gaps. The divisions between what an organisation says it does, and what it really does. Its uniqueness is in its ability to surface these hidden cultural dynamics to initiate dialogue, alignment and action within the leadership team to create a more cohesive and purpose-driven organisation.

Our foundational training sessions consists of three 1.5 hour virtual sessions, covering the diagnostic framework, working on a case to explore interpretation, and then looking at the OCA within a broader change context.

While the training gives a thorough overview, the complexity of organisational culture interventions often require additional support, so our advanced training adds two additional sessions – using the OCA with a client, working hand in hand with us to design the process for a client, and a follow up debrief.

Further learning

Opportunities to connect

In addition to our development programmes, we also offer opportunities to connect and learn with like-minded practitioners on a more informal basis.

Further learning

Learning Lab Conversations

Our Learning Lab Conversations are spaces for reflection, shared experience and discovery about leadership. Taking place online over 1.5 hours several times throughout the year, these free, intimate and exclusive online sessions are offered by invitation only to our clients and network.

Some of the themes covered previously include:

  • Using a psychodynamic approach to understand crisis
  • Culture and new ways of working​
  • Mental health and healthy performance