In a rapidly changing, uncertain world leaders not only have to anticipate and manage change, but they must also embrace it.

At its heart, leadership is about human behaviour. We believe that if we can help a leader become more reflective, elevate their skills and deal with the dilemmas and conflicts holding them back, we can help them navigate change in a sustainable way, not only giving them the ability to succeed on their leadership journey, but also enabling them to create great places of work that give people meaning.

Going beyond

Reflective leadership

As a leader, you are driven by a myriad of motivational and decision-making patterns shaped by past experiences and unconscious influences. And you operate in a wider organisational context with both explicit strategic objectives and hidden undercurrents.

We help you explore both aspects – what we call the psychodynamic-systemic approach – to achieve your leadership and development objectives at every stage of your career.

The leader as coach

For us, coaching and leading are two sides of the same coin. We’re here to help leaders not only work on their own personal and leadership challenges, but also to give them the skills and experience to use the power of coaching to transform the teams around them, building trust, helping teams work effectively, and creating a high-performance leadership culture.

Our aim is to embed the orientation to change, making it a core strength of every leader, team and organisation.

Developing Self

Your individual journey

Developing Teams

More effective leadership teams

Developing Culture

High performance leadership culture

Developing Self

Your individual journey

Developing Teams

More effective leadership teams

Developing Culture

High performance leadership culture

Developing Self

The coaching difference

When you’re responsible for a large organisation, how you lead can make a difference to thousands of people.

Our interventions for leaders range from one to one coaching, diagnostic tools to help leaders understand their leadership capabilities and uncover blind spots, and open enrolment professional development programmes to enable deep, reflective work with peers.


One to one coaching

Bespoke, transformative and results-oriented coaching for senior leaders

One to one coaching is different for everyone. While leaders may face similar challenges, their journey to that moment was unique. Coaching helps leaders uncover blind spots, understand their strengths and areas for development, manage existing business challenges or leadership transitions, or identify future career pathways.

We help leaders:

  • Obtain and address constructive and balanced feedback within a safe and confidential environment​
  • Reflect on and modify their behaviour, beliefs, priorities
  • Gain confidence as they deal with everyday dilemmas
  • Fine-tune their goals and strategies, and challenge and reassess their assumptions​
  • Acquire better life balance

It isn’t always easy or straightforward. Our coaches help leaders question their own assumptions, guide them at times of tricky transitions, and work side by side with them to arrive at meaningful work-life integration.


Get in touch to discuss one to one coaching.

Professional Development

The Leadership Mystique

Deepen impact and explore cutting edge theory

The Leadership Mystique is our signature, premium professional development programme designed for senior leaders in a mature phase of their careers who want to develop a deep understanding of human behaviour.

This exclusive and intimate programme provides a rich opportunity for leaders to engage with senior peers in deep, reflective work, enabling them to have a greater impact in their organisation.

Delivered in-person over three and a half days in London, the course brings together an exclusive cohort of senior leaders from international organisations, developing their understanding of human behaviour, how it affects their leadership, and enabling them to move towards a new level of awareness, energy, and ultimately, personal transformation.

More information:

To find out more about the programme and whether it is right for you, book a discovery call with one of our coaches.

Next Cohort:

In person | Commences January 2025

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Global Executive Leadership Mirror

Evaluating leadership to drive performance

The GELM is the result of an ongoing research project at INSEAD’s Global Leadership Centre, investigating the behaviour patterns of effective global executives.

Arriving at a senior leadership position often means a leader is less likely to receive frank, constructive feedback. And because executives and high-ranking leaders seldom hear criticism that will help them improve performance, they often struggle to accurately assess their own leadership skills.

Used by 100,000s of leaders across the world, the Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM ®) questionnaire consists of 110 statements and was developed to help executives evaluate their performance in carrying out the twelve primary tasks of global leaders. It also covers indicators such as life stressors and coping mechanisms to determine their ability to manage stress in their life and to ensure sustained leadership performance.


Speak to our Diagnostic Tools team about how the GELM can help your development as a global leader.

Developing teams

Results-oriented, cohesive teams

Team coaching sits at the heart of what we do as we aim to unlock self-awareness, break down silos and encourage deeper collaboration.

Our programmes are focused on developing trust, mutual respect and candor. We create space for courageous conversations, using our group coaching methodology to address resistance and transform teams into groups that collaborate, challenge, innovate, and celebrate successes together.

Purpose & Direction

Purpose & Direction

Working towards alignment and clarity

Growth & Resilience

Developing support and accountability; encouraging development

Team Cohesion

Creating psychological safety for courageous conversations

Team Functioning

Understanding team dynamics, leveraging diversity of thought

Bespoke Programme

Board and Leadership Team Development

Breaking down barriers for better results

We work with top teams and boards in world-leading organisations to design bespoke programmes that improve leadership effectiveness and help teams align around a common strategy.

Successful organisations are the product of distributive, collective and complementary leadership. That’s why your success as a leader may well be wrapped up in the dynamics of your executive team.

Our supervisory board and leadership team development programmes focus on developing relationships of trust, mutual respect and candor among team members so that they can work together effectively and efficiently to generate better results.


  • Strategic goal setting and alignment around strategy​
  • Align on culture and ways of working​
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities​
  • Improve communication and knowledge sharing​
  • Break down silos for better collaboration​
  • Improve decision making and managing conflict

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Professional Development

Group Coaching Practicum

Developing a coaching orientation to leadership

Our Group Coaching Practicum is one of our signature professional development programmes. The course dives into the psychodynamic systemic approach and is ideal for leaders looking to develop advanced, high-impact coaching skills aimed at teams.

This transformational and highly practical 10-day programme is paced over nine months, and combines theory, technique, and supervision while enabling participants to develop their own style as a team coach.

Delivered entirely online, the course brings together professionals from across the globe, providing a safe space to not only learn and sharpen understanding of the transformative impact of psychodynamic-systemic group coaching, but also to live it – working together to experience the tipping points required for transformative change.

More information

Our team are on hand to discuss the course with you in more detail, helping you decide if it’s the right programme for you.

Next Cohort:

Online | Commences September 2024

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Professional Development

Family business advisor masterclass

Introducing the essential skills required to support family businesses in transition

In our family business advisor masterclass, we introduce the essential skills, attitudes and approaches required to support business families in transition.

Delivered entirely online, the course brings together professionals wanting to utilise practical guidance alongside case study exploration to gain a deep understanding of the intricacies of family businesses, and the role of a coach in supporting these families.

This transformational course is delivered in collaboration with Professor Christine Blondel, Adjunct Professor of Family Business at INSEAD, who has over 20 years’ experience in the family business field, with exposure to hundreds of cases through her teaching, writing, and advising.

The course is designed for senior coaches, consultants, mediators and advisers who wish to develop a deep understanding of coaching within a family business while building their credibility, developing their practice, and expanding their network.

More information

Our team are on hand to discuss the masterclass with you in more detail, helping you decide if it’s the right programme for you.

Next Cohort:

Online | Commences November 2024

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Team Compass

Analysing teams to make them more effective

A highly effective team delivers more than the sum of its parts. Utilising decades of research, we’ve explored the psychosocial dynamics that underlie high-performing teams and organisations to develop Team Compass™.

KDVI’s Team Compass™ helps leadership teams better understand how aligned the team is and identifies areas to improve to become more effective.

Based on academic research and experience, the Team Compass™ evaluates perceptions of team effectiveness in four areas: Direction & Structure, Cohesion, Functioning and Growth. The results can then be utilised in a multitude of ways, such as to identify gaps in alignment, highlight collective strengths and development areas, and provide a benchmark for ongoing team development.


Speak to our Diagnostic Tools team to discover how the Team Compass™ can help transform your team.

Developing Culture

Sustainable culture change

Success and failure in business is often linked to human behaviour – what people do, how they do it, and why they do it.

Our psychodynamic-systemic approach to organisational intervention not only identifies challenges and issues at the business level, but also enables us to dive deeper into the motivational forces preventing or promoting change. The result? Organisational culture change that is built to last.

All of our bespoke leadership and culture transformation programmes enable both individual and collective change through:


  • Applying a psychodynamic-systemic lens to shift the mindset and behaviours of leaders​
  • Addressing both leadership and culture development​
  • Prioritising leadership engagement and role modelling in tiered programmes​
  • Embracing flexibility, with multiple learning methodologies​
  • Ensuring integration by addressing individual leadership journeys and the broader context​

Bespoke Programme

Developing a high-performance leadership culture

Tailored interventions to transform culture

In addition to working with individuals and leadership teams, we also develop interventions which can scale beyond the top team, empowering organisations to become reflective, empowered, and self-renewing.

Our programmes establish the competencies required for sustainable leadership performance, as we partner with leaders at all levels of an organisation to develop self-awareness and awareness of others, create a vision for the future, and enable them to become role models for those around them.

Each of our interventions is tailored to consider the context and needs of the organisation, industry specifics, and targeted participants such as future leaders, women or global talent.

Some of our example programmes include:

  • Leadership for the future
  • Leading through crisis or complexity
  • Cross-cultural leadership and DE&I


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Organisational Culture Audit OCA™

Uncovering an organisation’s true culture to provide a springboard for change

What an organisation strives to be may be different from the beliefs and values that are actually being played out day to day. To drive sustainable culture change and establish goals, it is therefore critical to find out what those beliefs and values really are before deciding what they should be.

The OCA™ measures the alignment between a culture’s stated values and actual practice, addressing both performance and people-related dimensions and giving leadership teams a comprehensive diagnostic of your current corporate culture.


Speak to our Diagnostic Tools team to discover how the OCA™ can be deployed as a standalone tool or as part of a culture transformation programme.