World-class coaching and leadership development

We’re a strategic partner to world-leading organisations, designing bespoke programmes that improve leadership effectiveness, help teams align around a common strategy and drive performance.

Through coaching for individuals and teams, and customised leadership development programmes, we engage people in the process of development, change or transformation. We’re here to embed a culture of coaching and create better places to work.

Transformative leadership development and coaching

Every organisation has a different starting point. From multi-year, large-scale culture transformation programmes to solutions for one-to-one executive coaching in challenging scenarios, we have the expertise, insight and scale to co-create a programme that works.


World-renowned home of the psychodynamic-systemic approach

Global network

Senior coaches and consultants across the globe; almost 20 languages spoken

Unrivalled coaches

80% of associates have experience at C-Suite/Board level with 15+ years executive coaching experience

Ethics focused

Coaches are actively engaged in supervision with a high regard for confidentiality and ethics

World-famous tools

Our proprietary diagnostic tools have helped develop 100,000s of leaders across the world

The Institute

Over 40 years of research, practice, and collaborative thought leadership in partnership with institutions including INSEAD, Harvard and MIT

Leadership coaching & Advisory

Transformative and results-oriented coaching for senior leaders

Our world-class coaches work with executives to develop cognitive agility, emotional capacity and leadership skills. They help leaders fine-tune their strategies, question their assumptions and align with their organisation’s goals, as well as deal with dilemmas and conflicts within their lives to arrive at meaningful work-life integration.

As pioneers of group coaching interventions, we also help leadership teams struggling with alignment or performance. Our experience shows that it’s difficult for leadership teams to stay aligned. It’s natural for silos to form when there are so many competing priorities. We support leadership teams to align around strategy, break down barriers and develop trust and cohesion.

Customised to your needs

Our coaching services can be offered as a standalone intervention or as part of a comprehensive transformation programme for your organisation. All organisations and the challenges they’re facing are different. Our wide-ranging coaching and advisory capabilities enable us to create bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

Through all of our engagements, we plant the seeds to embed a coaching culture, aiming to leave each organisation in a better place.

Multiple one to one engagements

With our global pool of highly experienced coaches, we can scale up quickly and effectively when it’s required. When this happens, we’re able to offer even more services:

Dedicated coaching pool

  • KDVI coaching director appointed to oversee engagements and manage client relationship
  • Pool of coaches pre-approved and briefed

Coaching insights

  • High-level thematic analysis of perceptions of the organisation
  • Insights cover culture, leadership, group dynamics

Progress reports

  • Quarterly or bi-annual reports

  • Overview of all active, prospective and completed coaching engagements

360º Feedback Data Analysis

  • Analysis of data collected in the form of 360º feedback from multiple coaching engagements

  • Can surface patterns, recurring systemic themes and trigger insights

If you’d like to learn more about our Leadership Coaching in organisations across the globe, get in touch.

Board & team development

Programmes focused on developing trust, mutual respect and candor; for teams that want to create better results

We believe that successful organisations are the product of distributive, collective and complementary leadership teams.

Our board and team development programmes focus on developing relationships of trust, mutual respect and candor among team members so that they can work together effectively and efficiently to generate better results.

Team coaching sits at the heart of our programmes, allowing senior teams to:

  • Discuss key strategic challenges and team objectives
  • Understand each member’s leadership style
  • Exchange information and feedback freely
  • Expose and address ‘un-discussable’ issues
  • Resolve conflict constructively

Our interventions are built around four core strands:

Purpose & Direction

Purpose & Direction

Working towards alignment and clarity

Growth & Resilience

Developing support and accountability; encouraging development

Team Cohesion

Creating psychological safety for courageous conversations

Team Functioning

Understanding team dynamics, leveraging diversity of thought

If you’d like to learn more about our work with Boards or Teams in organisations across the globe, get in touch.

Leadership & culture transformation

Custom programmes which develop the core competencies for building sustainable leadership performance and culture

We develop leaders to become reflective, empowered, and self-renewing. These behaviours enable the orientation to change to become a core capability and are the foundation for culture transformation.

Our bespoke programmes establish the competencies required for sustainable leadership performance, as we partner with leaders to develop self-awareness and awareness of others, create a vision for the future, and enable them to be role models for those around them. Our programmes address:

If you’d like to learn more about our work in Leadership and Culture Transformation in organisations across the globe, get in touch.