Diagnostic tools

Our world-leading diagnostic tools are used by coaches, leaders and organisations across the globe to inform transformative development journeys.

Knowing where to start with leadership or organisational development is always a challenge. But that challenge is made easier by diagnosis and feedback, which can set in motion honest self-evaluation. This self-exploration can help executives with one of the most difficult leadership tasks they may ever face: changing themselves.

Feedback from different stakeholders provide a useful way for leaders to compare their self-perceptions with the observations of colleagues or others who know them well. They help executives make connections between patterns of conflict at work and interpersonal issues in their private lives.

Ultimately, the feedback enables us to tie the learning and development journeys to specific goals, objectives and interventions.

Holistic Diagnosis

Tools for every organisational level

Leaders and organisations are unique and complex, which is why we offer a wide variety of solutions including stakeholder interviews, psychometrically validated 360º feedback tools and immersive simulations on leadership, group and organisational dynamics.

Our diagnostics support leadership development and organisational effectiveness on three levels:


The journey begins

Whether it’s helping a leader truly understand their impact on the organisation around them, gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, or begin to develop a work/life balance that fits with their belief systems, our diagnostic tools can be the beginning of an introspective journey.


Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM®)

Examining leadership behaviour roadblocks and taking steps toward improvement.

The Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM ®) questionnaire is the result of an ongoing decade-long research project at INSEAD’s Global Leadership Centre (IGLC), investigating the behaviour patterns of effective global executives. ​​

The questionnaire, which consists of 110 statements and feedback from up to 15 observers, was developed to: ​

  • Help executives evaluate their performance in carrying out the twelve primary tasks of global leaders​
  • Cover a number of indicators such as life stressors and coping mechanisms to determine their ability to manage stress in their life​
  • Ensure sustained leadership performance​.

​Starting price: £270

Languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Bulgarian and Korean

Next steps

Our team are on hand to support you in utilising the GELM® in your organisation or coaching practice, and are able to guide you through the entire process.

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Inner Theatre Inventory (ITI™)

Identifying life anchors that drive behaviour.

The Inner Theatre Inventory (ITI™) identifies the key themes—or Life Anchors—in our personal inner theatre, consisting of the values, beliefs and attitudes that drive behaviour. ​

Participants rate their response to the Inventory’s 22 life anchors and receive feedback from up to 7 observers from both personal and professional realms.​

Using the ITI™, individuals can develop:​

  • Greater awareness what is most important and meaningful to them
  • Create a lifestyle more congruent with their values and belief systems​.

​Starting price: £170

Languages: English, French and Russian.

Next steps

Our team have helped thousands of professionals to utilise the Inner Theatre Inventory (ITI™), and are able to guide you through the entire process.

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Building effective teams

Our suite of 360° feedback instruments help leaders in a multitude of ways, from providing structure for team development initiatives, to exploring the qualities, skills and competencies a leader needs to be an effective team player.


Team Compass

Aligning teams to become more effective

KDVI’s Team Compass™ helps leadership teams better understand how aligned the team is and identify areas to improve to become more effective as a team. ​

Based on academic research and experience with teams, the Team Compass™ evaluates perceptions of the team effectiveness in four areas: Direction & Structure, Cohesion, Functioning and Growth.​

Specifically, the results can be used in a team alignment and development workshop to:​


  • Highlight collective strengths and development areas/opportunities​​
  • Identify gaps in alignment between team leader and rest of the team or between subgroups​​
  • Design targeted/themed workshops​​
  • Benchmark for ongoing team development​.

Next steps

Our diagnostic team can help you establish if the Team Compass™ is the right intervention for your team, and are able to guide you through the entire process.

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Data-rich insight into organisational performance

Our organisation-level interventions can be used as standalone diagnostics or in conjunction with team or leader development tools to garner a data-rich overview of how an organisation is functioning.


Organisational Culture Audit OCA™

The Organisational Culture Audit (OCA™) is a diagnostic of current corporate culture, addressing both performance and people-related dimensions and alignment between a culture’s stated values and actual practice. ​

The OCA survey:​

  • Covers 12 dimensions of organisational culture that research with large numbers of senior executives have shown to be the most salient​
  • Is taken anonymously and administered broadly to all members of the organisation​
  • Additional survey specific questions can be added to allow a more nuanced look at the data.

Starting price: £1,750

Language: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, German and Dutch

Next Steps

The OCA™ can be used as a standalone intervention or can be combined with a team or individual intervention to provide a systematic approach to assessing organisation effectiveness.

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